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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, this has been another very successful year for our Department.  We have had many clinical and academic accomplishments.  Clinical research, basic science research, translational, and educational initiatives in our Department have continued to expand.  The number of peer–reviewed publications and successful research grant applications have steadily grown.  The value of these research grants has markedly increased.  On this website, you will find an impressive list of peer-reviewed publications authored by our Departmental members.

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Upcoming Events 2022-2023

January 11 2023 - TOH ENT Business Meeting

January 18 2023 - Grand Rounds with Dr. Balsam Alawami

January 25 2023 - Grand Rounds with Dr. Shannan Hamel

February 1st 2023 - Visiting Professor Grand Rounds - Dr Nadine Bekhit - Surgical Ergonomics


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