Preclerkship Lecture Series

  • “Taste and Salivary Glands” 

  • “Multidisciplinary Workshop: 
Physiology of Swallowing and Dysphagia” 

  • “Multidisciplinary Panel: Cleft Palate” 

  • “The Neck Mass” 

  • “Integrative Lecture” 

  • “Intro to ENT Upper Airway Anatomy” 

  • “Acute Complicated Rhinosinusitis” 

  • “Adenotonsillar Disease” 

  • “Pediatric Stridor Acute Respiratory Infections” 

  • “Physiology of Voice and Hoarseness” 

  • “Head and Neck Malignancy” 

  • “ Workshop: Epistaxis” 

  • “Adult Hearing Loss” 

  • “Anatomy of the Ear” 

  • “Otitis Media” 

  • “Physiology of Hearing” 

  • “Disease of External Ear” 

  • “Aural Rehabilitation” 

  • “Physiology of Balance” 

  • “Peripheral Vertigo” 

  • “Multidisciplinary Session: Pediatric Audiology and Hearing Loss” 

All lectures are offered in both English and French.


Every medical student at the University of Ottawa will spend one week rotating through Otolaryngology – Head Neck Surgery clinics and ORs during their third year. The aim is to expose students to the extraordinary breadth and depth of our specialty.

For year-specific objectives and resources, visit One45.

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