Goals and Objectives for Unknown Web Cases

Goals and Objectives

Specific Goals and Objectives

  • To select 3 cases during routine sign-out for presentation in web format, appropriate for the level of training of the resident.
  • To provide relevant history and illustrative images for each of the cases, including H&E stained images at low and/or high power as required for diagnosis, along with any important immunohistochemistry or special stains.
  • To provide diagnostic questions (such as diagnosis and differential) based on the images and history.
  • To present the diagnosis, appropriate workup, and relevant differential diagnoses in a discussion.

Key Portfolio Outcome

  • To demonstrate competencies in all domains of CanMEDS Roles (Medical, Scholar, Communication, Collaboration, Manager and Advocacy)


  • Write up the 3 cases selected


  • The cases and the images and histories should be submitted to the program secretary by the first week of the month, and the program director should be notified that the cases are available.
  • ITER Evaluation by staff (resident will select the responsible staff/s for these and forward the names to the program secretary so that evaluations can be sent out in a timely fashion).
  • The resident should enter the cases into a log of previously presented cases to avoid excessive duplication. This log is then available to future residents.

General CanMEDS Roles Goals and Objectives

Medical Expert

  • Demonstrate ability to deal with difficult and complex interesting cases in terms of grossing, microscopy, choice of ancillary testing and reporting
  • Acquire proficiency in the interpretation of lesions and ability to prepare accurate comprehensive reports
  • Acquire knowledge of clinically important prognostic/predictive factors for cases under study
  • Acquire knowledge in the use and interpretation of immunohistochemistry pertinent to the cases in questions


  • Gain an understanding of clinical aspects of diseases, particularly surgical and clinical management of diseases.
    Work together with residency program staff to create the web module


  • Understand the importance of quality control and quality assurance pertinent to the cases selected
  • Understand the value and demonstrate knowledge of producing cases in a timely fashion and professional manner

Health Advocate/Professional

  • Understand the importance of maintenance of an appropriate turn-around time for cases
  • Understand the implications of a diagnosis to the patient
  • Know when to appropriately consult, mechanism of consultation and the Q/A activity involved


  • Conduct a research project or case report based on the cases identified
  • Review the pertinent literature relating to advances in that field/s
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