Experimental Pathology Group

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is pleased to extend its support to the University of Ottawa research network.

A group of interested pathologists, laboratory physicians and scientists has been formed and offers its services to any researcher who has need in any sector of pathology and laboratory medicine: tissue morphology, blood, serum or infectious diseases. The expertise provided may vary from technical advice or services with the support of our experienced laboratory staff to collaboration in the design of experiments involving animal morphology and biology. 

The group includes experienced veterinary and human anatomical pathologists, microbiologists, virologists and hematopathologists and complements the expert technical laboratory support we have been offering for several years. We encourage you to contact the group earlier, rather than too late, in your project design.

Mission Statement

The Experimental Pathology Group’s major objective is to support the research community in its design and conduct of research projects involving tissue morphology, blood, serum or infectious organisms. It is complementary to the expert technological support provided by the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine for several years.

For technical laboratory support (slides, immunohistochemistry and more), please contact: Pathlab@uottawa.ca

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