Study Block

Goals and Objectives

Residents should use this rotation to prepare themselves for their Royal College Specialty Examination. The resident will identify the area/s of subspecialty and select faculty supervisor/s to help on this endeavour. The residents are usually off-service, but expected to report to work until otherwise directed by the program director.

Medical Expert

  • To demonstrate basic and discipline specific knowledge with clinical correlation as needed
  • To be able to do appropriate chart review and gather relevant clinical information pertaining to the cases
  • To demonstrate soundness of judgement and decisions
  • To demonstrate self assessment ability
  • To demonstrate the knowledge of use and care of equipment
  • To demonstrate the ability to practise evidence based medicine


  • To be able to produce adequate report content
  • To demonstrate the skill in presentation when and as needed
  • To demonstrate the skill to communicate with the staff
  • To demonstrate the skill set to record and report with accuracy


  • To demonstrate the skill sets to work effectively in a team environment
  • To demonstrate the skill to consult effectively with other supporting staff


  • To demonstrate the skills to manage time, and allocate health care resources effectively.
  • To demonstrate the ability to utilize information technology effectively
  • To demonstrate the skill to do QA/QC as a part of laboratory accreditation

Health Advocate

  • To demonstrate the knowledge of issues of public health policies
  • To demonstrate the knowledge of recognizing important social, environmental and biological determinant of health


  • To Recognize limitations and seeks advice and consultation when needed
  • To Exercise initiative within limits of knowledge and training
  • To discharge duties and assignments responsibly and in a timely and ethical manner
  • To maintain appropriate boundaries in work and learning situations
  • To have respect of diversity of race, age, gender, disability, intelligence and socio- economic status



Updated April, 2020

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