Bioethics research has been funded at CHEO by various agencies including the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR), Genome Canada and the Ontario HIV Treatment Network. Such research is collaborative and has included partners from Epidemiology, Cardiology, Genetics, Surgery and Infectious Diseases. 

Empirical methodologies, both quantitative and qualitative, may be employed (descriptive ethics). Ethics analyses and policy recommendations are made (normative ethics) within the context of ethics concepts of best interests, justice and critical theory. 

Independently, CHEO investigators from critical care units have also developed funded bioethics research projects. Main areas of research include: 

  • Ethical issues in genetic testing
  • Empirical research in bioethics and health policy with a focus on genetics, informed decision-making and health care outcomes and policy
  • Outcomes of genetics services programs
  • Ethical decision-making for youth
  • Resource allocation


Canadian Bioethics Society

Canadian Paediatric Society

Canadian Tri-council core skills tutorial for research ethics

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