Clinical Programs

The pediatricians in the Developmental Pediatrics program are involved in diagnosing and providing ongoing care for children with difficulties related to autism spectrum disorders, global developmental delay, intellectual disability and disorders of movement including cerebral palsy. Our role includes determining the extent, nature and etiology of the developmental difficulties as well as planning for educational, medical and therapy services. The children usually have complex medical, physical, cognitive, behavioural and psychosocial needs. Long-term care is common.

We participate in multi-disciplinary diagnostic and follow up clinics at CHEO and at the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre. At diagnostic clinics we may be joined by psychologists and social workers. When dealing with problems related to feeding and growth, we may also work with a dietician or occupational therapist. Outside of clinic times, we will also collaborate with educators, speech and language pathologists, physiotherapists and other physicians to help ensure comprehensive and coordinated care for the children and families.

Developmental pediatrics is primarily an outpatient service. We consult on inpatients upon request but full assessments are done once the children are well enough to attend an outpatient clinic.

Outpatient Care

  • OCTC developmental clinics: 800 patient visits per year
  • CHEO Down Syndrome clinics: 24-28 clinics per year
  • CHEO feeding team: 12 sessions per year
  • Neonatal follow-up clinics: 12-15 clinics per year


  • Serve children from the Baffin area
  • Telephone/teleconference sessions with school personnel, CAS, community therapy providers

Clinical Problems and Diseases Evaluated and Followed

  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Global developmental delay/disability
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Down Syndrome
  • Prematurity
  • Acquired brain injury
  • Mixed developmental disorders

Focus of Developmental Follow-up Clinics

  • Developmental monitoring
  • Medical investigations related to development
  • Behaviour and medication
  • Feeding and growth
  • Sleep
  • Transitions

Laboratory / Diagnostic Programs

The diagnosis of autism and global developmental delay involves the use of specialized diagnostic tests. Trainees in the developmental program are educated in the use of a variety of developmental assessment tools, many of which they will be able to use in an office practice. They will become familiar with tests which are used by colleagues in psychology, audiology, physiotherapy and speech and language therapy. There is also a focus on the tests needed for genetic testing and feeding assessments in children with developmental and physical disabilities.


Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada



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