Training Programs

Undergraduate Training Opportunities

First-year medical students can participate in ten-hour observerships. They spend three half days observing developmental diagnostic assessments and follow-up management clinics.

Third and fourth year medical students regularly participate in elective rotations with the developmental group which last approximately two weeks. Students participate in clinics and teaching sessions with the staff and residents. They are given the opportunity to take histories and participate in direct observational testing of the children. They observe therapists and educators working with children who have developmental and physical disabilities.

Postgraduate Training Program

All pediatric, pediatric neurology and genetics residents from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine spend one month studying developmental pediatrics under the supervision of the developmental pediatricians. Senior pediatric residents often choose to return for further training in their final year. Residents from the psychiatry program spend up to six months on a developmental pediatric rotation. 

During a developmental pediatric rotation, residents will have the opportunity to learn to diagnose autism and global developmental delay and to identify and manage the various medical, behavioural and psychosocial problems that are associated with these conditions. They will have the experience of working with multi-disciplinary teams and of observing psychologists, social workers, educators, occupational and physical therapists, speech and language therapists and dieticians working with this population. They will have the unique opportunity of observing children with physical and developmental disabilities in their onsite classrooms. They will also have direct teaching sessions chosen based on their own learning needs, usually focusing on autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, ADHD and developmental testing. 

Additional Postgraduate Training 

At this time there is no fellowship training program in Developmental Pediatrics in Ottawa.


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