Training Programs

Undergraduate Training Opportunities 

Rheumatology welcomes medical students for rotations of a two to four week duration. Exposure includes teaching in relation to the full array of inpatient and outpatient clinical activities with one-on-one case reviews. For types of diseases seen and followed, please consult the Clinical Programs section.

Emphasis during rotations is placed on: 
  • Comprehensive history taking
  • Physical examination and musculoskeletal anatomy
  • Case management, including appropriate use and interpretation of laboratory investigations and diagnostic imaging
  • Anti-rheumatic drugs
  • Infusion surveillance in the medical day unit. 

Some exposure to musculoskeletal ultrasound and joint injection techniques will also occur. 

Postgraduate Training Program 

There is no certified postgraduate program in the Division of Rheumatology at this time. 

Additional Postgraduate Training 

Rheumatology welcomes residents for rotations of a four-week duration. For a full depiction of exposures, see the Clinical Programs section and the Undergraduate Training Opportunities section. 

While the opportunities for rotating residents are similar to those described for undergraduate trainees, the level of responsibility afforded to rotating residents is considerably greater. Additionally, expectations are higher with residents taking ‘first call’ for consultation requests and for inpatients during the regular work day.

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