DTPC Terms of Reference

General Provisions

This committee shall be composed of no fewer than three (3) and no more than eight (8) regular faculty members from the department, including the Chair. The committee must be a good mix of associate and full professors to ensure appropriate reviews of promotion for all ranks.

Structure of the DTPC

The department Chair shall be a member and the chair of the DTPC. He/she does not vote, even in the case of a tie. A secretary will be appointed for the recording of minutes.

Quorum for DTPC meetings shall consist of a majority of DTPC members, including the department Chair. Quorum shall not be deemed to have been lost when the Chair absents himself/herself temporarily from a meeting of the DTPC. During any such absence of the department Chair, the committee shall be chaired by the Vice Chair of the department.

Whenever a member of the DTPC requests so, the vote shall be by secret ballot.

Appointment of DTPC members

Members of the DTPC shall be appointed by the Chair of the department, it being understood that:

  • The secretary of a faculty or section, the associate dean, the assistant dean and the vice-dean may not be members of their department’s teaching personnel committee;
  • A professor may not be a member of the DTPC for more than two (2) consecutive full terms;
  • Members of the CTPC may not concurrently be members of the DTPC.

Term of Office and Vacancies 

The term of office of elected DTPC members shall be two (2) years (renewable), starting on 1 July and to ensure continuity, the terms shall be staggered.

Members who anticipate being absent more than one (1) month during the fall or winter term, or who are absent from three (3) consecutive DTPC meetings, shall resign from the committee; any vacancy thus created shall be filled by the appointment of a new committee member by the chair of the department.


  • Shall make recommendations on matters concerning the members which are referred to by the dean or the department chair:
  • Shall give advice to the chair concerning promotions;
  • Shall give advice on any other matter on which the dean requests the committee’s opinion.

The DTPC shall make recommendations and give advice in accordance with this agreement, with the aim of maintaining, within the department, appropriate standards for teaching and research or professional activities.

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