Grant Acquired for Vanier Social Pediatric Hub

Posted on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dr Sue Bennett and Dr Leigh Fraser-Roberts, with the Vanier Community Resource Centre, were recently awarded $680, 000 (over 3 years) from Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Fund to develop the Vanier Social Pediatric Hub which is modelled on the successful Social Pediatric Centres in Quebec. Vanier is recognised as a diverse, challenged and underserved community.

The Hub will provide welcoming, bi-lingual, walk-in, child & youth centered (0-17 years), culturally sensitive, comprehensive and integrated, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral, holistic health care to the neighbourhood’s children and youth with support to their families. It will offer a broad range of medical and health and wellness promotion activities that will address all aspects of child/youth development, including physical, mental and social development, through recreational, sports-related, cultural and artistic activities, just to name a few. 

The Hub will be an outreach training site for our pediatric and psychiatry residents and medical students as well as for other cross Faculty trainees at University of Ottawa and beyond. It will be a site for cutting edge collaborative research.

We have just completed a Telus Funded needs assessment with more than 400 of the neighbourhood’s children aged 6-18 years as a baseline and guidance for delivering child & youth centred community care.

The project is in early stages of development and the launch of the Hub services is expected later in the year.

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