Executive Committee

Executive committee members

The Executive Committee provides support to the Chair of the Department of Pediatrics for various initiatives including strategic planning, faculty recognition and decisions regarding academic leave.





DTPC Committee

DTPC committee members sitting

The Departmental Teaching Personnel Committee (DTPC) primarily functions as the department’s promotions committee. The committee identifies candidates for academic promotion and facilitates the promotions process for the selected candidates. The committee consists of the Department of Pediatrics Chair, plus seven other faculty members: Drs. Jabbour, Kovesi, Feber, Geraughty, Samson and Le Saux. The committee meets on a monthly basis. Terms of Reference.



Finance Committee

Finance Committee Members

The Finance Committee functions to oversee the Department of Pediatrics’ finances and ensure appropriate fiscal responsibility. All major decisions regarding allocation and distribution of the department funds are taken by this committee comprised of the Department of Pediatrics Chair, the Chair of the Finance Committee and six faculty members. The committee is supported by Julie Totten, Finance Controller. Current members of this committee include Drs. Duffy, Jabbour (committee Chair), Shefrin, Reisman, Neto , Moore, Barkey and Harrold.

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