Clinical Programs

The Division of Child and Youth Protection's major emphasis is the provision of specialized medical services to children, youth and families where there is a question of abuse or neglect. The division provides care for patients in consultation with the emergency department, inpatient units, and ambulatory clinics. CYP also runs a specialized clinic where patients with non-acute concerns for maltreatment can be assessed and cared for. 

The Division of Child and Youth Protection consults on the following topics: 

  • Physical injuries and abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Neglect (including medical neglect) 
  • Other forms of maltreatment
  • Medical documentation in a legal context
  • Communication with child welfare, law enforcement and legal personnel
  • Psycho-social assessments and support for CYP patients
  • Medical case management for maltreatment cases
  • Medical expert court testimony for child maltreatment cases
  • Teaching, research and advocacy on topics related to child health and child welfare

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