A physician conversing with a female youth

The Division of Nephrology consists of four pediatric nephrologists and one consulting nephrologist. The team provides comprehensive care to children and youth with all types of kidney diseases. We are committed to providing excellent, up-to-date, multi-disciplinary care for children with acute and chronic kidney diseases and arterial hypertension. In the process, we conduct 2,500 outpatient and 1,000 inpatient visits per year.

As well as daily clinical duties, all staff physicians actively contribute to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching affiliated with the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine while also participating at local, national and international continuing medical education (CME) events.

Our team performs clinical research in the field of bone disease, nephrotic syndrome, complications with post kidney transplantation and arterial hypertension.

The Division of Nephrology is also a strong advocate for improving the transition process to adult care. We strive to educate our patients and their families, ensuring their active involvement in maintaining consistency throughout the entire process of their care.

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