Clinical Programs

A number of clinical and educational activities have been designed to develop the necessary skills to maintain a consultative practice in pediatric endocrinology and metabolism. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Clinicsin pediatric diabetes, general pediatric endocrinology, bone, growth, obesity, transgender, metabolics, pediatric gynecology and neuro-oncology
  • Inpatient endocrinology service
  • Resident’s Longitudinal Clinic in both general endocrinology and diabetes. Residents have the opportunity to follow their own patients with a staff supervisor. This experience begins during the first year and continues for the duration of training.
  • Insulin pumps - residents get hands-on experience with both pump starts and continued care of patients using the insulin pump
  • Research rotation(s)
  • Lab rotation
  • Adult endocrinology rotation
  • Bone rotation
  • Electives

 Division of Endocrinology - Clinical Programs

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