Clinical Programs

The Department of Genetics encompasses the Genetics Clinic in CHEO’s Max Keeping Wing, offering trainees a high quality, well-rounded and comprehensive experience in all aspects of genetics care. The Molecular Diagnostic and Cytogenetics Laboratories are adjacent to the clinic and the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory is also located at CHEO.

The clinical service is comprehensive and centralized, providing diagnosis and counselling related to general genetics, dysmorphology, syndrome recognition, prenatal genetics, adult genetics, cancer genetics, cardiogenetics, ocular genetics, skeletal dysplasias, inherited connective tissue disorders and neurogenetics.

Medical geneticists and genetic counsellors see patients referred with a variety of prenatal and general genetics indications. These include expectant women diagnosed with fetal ultrasound abnormalities, children, youth or adults with developmental delay or intellectual disability, dysmorphism and/or congenital anomalies and individuals of any age with a variety of other presentations that suggest a genetic condition, including a hereditary cancer predisposition.  

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