Year 1 and 2 (Junior and Senior Fellow)

During the first two years, the resident will largely focus on the clinical aspects of pediatric hematology/oncology. At the end of two years, the resident will have spent 20 blocks on clinical service including a combination of:

  • 13 blocks of inpatient and outpatient service
  • 1 block in radiation oncology
  • 1 block in adult thrombosis
  • 1 block in pediatric palliative care
  • 1 block in after-care (long-term follow-up)
  • 3 blocks at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto on the hematopoietic stem cell transplantation service

The resident will spend:

  • 2 blocks in CHEO’s pediatric hematology and transfusion laboratory
  • 2 blocks in adult hematopathology
  • 1 block in transfusion medicine at the regional reference laboratory
  • 1 block in pediatric pathology

The resident will also gain experience with hematology/oncology emergencies during the clinical rotations and during their at-home, on-call nights.

Year 3 (Junior Attending)

Residents will have a minimum of 2 clinical blocks as a junior attending and will continue their continuity clinic at a reduced frequency. The rest of the year will be spent in research and/or formalized training in an area of focus, as described above.

The resident will work on clinical or basic science research projects, gaining an understanding of statistics, epidemiology and/or laboratory methodology. The resident will have covered most of the knowledge-based objectives by the end of the third year. The resident will continue with at-home, on-call nights.

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