Over two years, the Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine subspecialty training program is comprised of:

Minimum 12 blocks of NICU, divided equally between the 2 sites

  • 1 block of genetics
  • 1 block of neonatal follow up/child development
  • 1 block of maternal-fetal medicine
  • 1 block of transport medicine
  • 1 block of consulting pediatrics
  • Up to 9 blocks of elective/research

Trainees may spend a total of four months in the two years doing rotations away from Ottawa. Electives done in the past have included pediatric intensive care, pediatric surgery, pediatric palliative care, pediatric cardiology and level 2 neonatology.

Most of the fellowship is focused on acquisition of knowledge and skills with the trainee following patients under the supervision of the attending staff and doing in-house call. Once deemed ready, usually toward the latter half of the second year, the trainee has the opportunity to act as a “junior attending”, doing call from home and acting in a more supervisory role.

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