The NICU at CHEO is a newly renovated, fully equipped unit and has 20 level III beds and individual patient rooms. CHEO’s NICU admits approximately 380 babies per year, all of whom are outborn and transported by the neonatal transport team. All babies in the neonatal period who require surgical procedures, complex subspecialty investigation, or who have significant congenital heart disease, are admitted to CHEO NICU. There is a fully operational cardiac surgery program at CHEO as well as clinical representation of all pediatric subspecialties. Clinical service is provided by pediatric and neonatal-perinatal residents as well as neonatal nurse practitioners, in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team, all of whom function under the supervision of the staff neonatologist. 

At TOH-GC there are 3,600 births annually and it is the main site for high-risk deliveries in the region. The TOH-GC NICU admits 800 babies per year, 150 of whom weigh less than 1500g, and has a capacity of 24 bassinets (14 level III, 10 level II). Clinical service is provided by a multi-disciplinary team, which includes residents from several services and neonatal nurse practitioners. There are frequent and extensive consultations and discussion, both formal and informal, with the perinatologists at the TOH-GC. These include a weekly high-risk neonatal clinic to provide counselling to all expectant parents where a diagnosis of a fetal anomaly has been made and 600 formal, antenatal consultations yearly by the neonatal team on hospital in-patients. The neonatal team performs neonatal consultations, upon request, on babies who are under the care of the community pediatrician while in hospital. There are approximately 600 combined antenatal and perinatal consults per year. Clinical service is provided by a multi-disciplinary team which includes residents from several services and neonatal nurse practitioners.

Being situated in the nation's capital gives the unique advantage of being affiliated with a university and hospitals where programs and patient care are offered in both of Canada's official languages.

We are also closely affiliated with the level 2 nurseries in the city and provide clinical guidance and educational support to their staff. Babies within our region are transported by our own neonatal transport team, consisting of a neonatal transport nurse and transport respiratory therapist. 

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