Training Programs

Undergraduate Training Opportunities

Dermatology is an important area of education for medical students. Whether they go on to become pediatricians or general practitioners, skin complaints are common in all patient populations. The ability to describe skin lesions accurately, develop broad categories of diagnosis, as well as management of common pediatric skin conditions are emphasized.

Medical students on selective and elective rotations attend outpatient dermatology clinics and are encouraged to attend Dermatology academic rounds on Thursday afternoons. Elective students are accepted through the Division of Dermatology at The Ottawa Hospital as we do not currently offer a dedicated pediatric dermatology elective.

Postgraduate Training Program

Pediatric Dermatology is part of the five-year Royal College-accredited University of Ottawa Dermatology Residency Training Program. Residents have longitudinal exposure to pediatric dermatology clinics as part of several of their rotations, allowing them to develop both diagnostic and therapeutic management skills over time. They participate in inpatient and emergency room consultations on a rotating basis, developing a broad base of comfort with diagnoses of varying acuity and complexity.

Additional Postgraduate Training

Opportunities for postgraduate electives in pediatric dermatology are available to residents in pediatrics, family medicine, emergency medicine, plastic surgery and others.


Canadian Dermatology Association

American Academy of Dermatology

Society for Pediatric Dermatology

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