Year Three

Student in a teaching session

The pediatric clerkship offers a mandatory six-week pediatric rotation consisting of three weeks on the Clinical Teaching Unit (CTU), two weeks in the Emergency Department and one week in newborn care. Learning on the clerkship rotation is complemented by a variety of teaching sessions. An academic half-day is provided every Wednesday where a variety of core pediatric topics are taught by the faculty. Students are also expected to attend Problem Assisted Learning (PAL) sessions, where each student is given the opportunity to teach their peers using case-based problems.

Students also attend teaching shifts, simulation sessions and procedural skills sessions during the Pediatric Emergency portion of their clerkship rotation. The Computerized Learning in Pediatrics Project (CLIPP) system is provided to every student on rotation, giving them the opportunity to utilize case-based learning modules to complement the learning materials on this rotation.

All third-year medical students have an additional two-week pediatric placement during their mandatory selective rotation which can be completed in either pediatric surgery or pediatric medicine subspecialties.

Year Four

Fourth-year UGME students are able to participate in pediatric electives to enhance their clinical skills.

In addition, the Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC) Part 1 preparatory course (Back to Basics) provided to all  fourth-year students includes 12 hours of pediatric course material to assist them in preparing for this exam.

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