Zeiss Axioskop 2 Mot [Dr. S Gee, RGN 3168]

  • Microscope
    • Model 
      Zeiss Axioskop 2 Mot [Upright]
    • Spécifications du Microscope 
      Automated reflector turret control
      Manual objective nosepiece, condenser, and light path controls 
      Manual stage control in x and y 
      Manual focus control in z
    • Utilisations 
      Epifluorescence, bright field, phase contrast
  • Composants
    • Objectifs 
      5x Fluar 0.25
      10x Plan-NeoFluar 0.3 Ph1 
      20x Plan-NeoFluar 0.5 Ph2 
      40x Plan-NeoFluar 0.75 Ph2 
      63x Plan-Apochromat 1.4 Oil Ph3
    • Fluorophores 
      DAPI, Hoechst, Alexa405
      GFP, FITC, Cy2, Alexa488
      Rhodamine, Alexa 546
    • Light sources 
      Halogen Lamp 
      FluoArc Mercury Lamp
    • Détecteur 
      AxioCam (monochrome)
  • Local
    • Local 
      RGN 3168
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