Liens utiles

Nous vous suggérons quelques liens externes qui vous informent sur des méthodes, des protocoles avancés ou des logiciels utiles pour la préparation de votre expérience jusqu’à l’analyse de vos images. Notez que les principaux logiciels et leur mode d’emploi sont disponible sur le serveur de recherche du BCAI, dans le dossier « Demo ».

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous souhaitez partager d’autres ressources utiles que nous pourrions ajouter dans la liste ci-dessous.


Références Générales

Over the last several years there has been an explosion of educational websites with a focus on microscopy. Some of the most useful sites are listed below:

Sample preparations and dyes- A great sample preparation resource for techniques, applications and dyes for many needs. 

Molecular Expressions Optical Microscopy Primer- a great microscopy resource which discusses many aspects of microscopy in an understandable fashion. Their virtual microscopes are informative as well as fun.

Zeiss Campus- The Carl Zeiss Microscopy Online Campus website explores the fascinating world of optical microscopy and provides the necessary background to understand both the basic concepts and advanced principles.

Olympus Microscopy Resource Center- includes a microscopy primer as well as information about general microscopy, confocal microscopy, digital imaging, and advanced techniques.

Nikon MicroscopyU - Another useful resource for information on confocal as well as general microscopy.

MyScope-training for advanced research - Useful resource for information on confocal as well as general microscopy, with a final quiz to test your microscopy knowledge


Articles scientifiques intéressants

Colour me better: fixing figures for colour blindness

Publishers unite to tackle doctored images in research papers and Check the guide about Image integrity

Creating Clear and Informative Image-based Figures for Scientific Publications

Effective image vizualization for publications

Tutorial: guidance for quantitative confocal microscopy


Sharper signals: how machine learning is cleaning up microscopy images

The hunt for red fluorescet proteins


Reproductibilité et Métadonnées


Concepts Clefs
Numerical Aperture and resolution


Base de données

Below are some useful sites containing fluorophore excitation/emission spectra databases. These are great resources to assess the spectral separation and bleed through of your flurophores before carrying out your experiments. You can also use these resources to view spectra and compare your fluorophore options to the filter sets which are available on the microscopes within the core facility.



Chroma Spectra Viewer


Antibody Database

Antibody database basé sur des articles scientifiques déjà publiés.

Article dans Nature : "When antibodies mislead: the quest for validation". Read the article


Open Source Software/Freeware

Fiji- a useful image processing program derived from ImageJ, with many plugins already included.

CellProfiler and CellProfiler Analyst- open source HCS image analysis software available from the Broad Institute.


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