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The following awards are available at different times during the year. Check back here to see more details, including information on the application period.

  • Faculty of Medicine Awards in Education: Award of Educational Advancement and Innovation in PGME
    • A faculty member will be presented with an award at the upcoming Faculty of Medicine Awards in Education ceremony. This award recognizes those who provide high quality education, or contribute to innovation and advancements in education.
      • Members of the Faculty of Medicine are eligible for these awards and may be nominated by their peers or by residents and fellows currently registered in our PGME programs.
      • Nominations must include a letter of recommendation by the nominator(s) that describes the particular strengths and attributes of the nominee, and a justification for their nomination.
        • Consider the following criteria to justify your nomination:

                        • development of new and innovative and creative teaching methods

                       • advancement in the area of medical education or research

                       • excellence in teaching, including dedication to teaching in PGME

                      Please include a current curriculum vitae of the nominee. Nominations will be assessed by the PGME Awards                         Committee.

                     Submit your nomination using the online tool. by October 18th, 2019


  • PARO Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching  - closed


  • Faculty of Medicine Awards in Education: PGME  
    • PGME will be presenting awards at the upcoming Faculty of Medicine Awards ceremony on December 4th, 2019. The following awards will be presented to our residents and our faculty who demonstrate the competencies, skills, and knowledge identified by the CanMEDS roles. We invite trainees, faculty members and hospital staff to nominate a trainee or faculty who most exemplifies these competencies.

Awards and Competency Categories:

  • Award in Education for Collaborator Competency - Awarded to a trainee or faculty who demonstrates a high level of collaboration in their interactions with peers, members of the faculty, members of inter-professional health care team, and administrative team.
  • Award in Education for Communicator Competency - Awarded to a trainee or faculty who displays excellent communication skills during patient interactions and includes other medical professionals in developing and communicating health care plans.
  • Award in Education for Health Advocate Competency - Awarded to a trainee or faculty who uses their expertise and influence to advance the health and well-being of individual patients, communities and populations.
  • Award in Education for Leadership (Manager) Competency - Awarded to a trainee or faculty who demonstrates a high level of leadership in decision making and problems solving within the realm of healthcare.
  • Award in Education for Professional Competency - Awarded to a trainee or faculty who demonstrates a high level of professionalism in all encounters.
  • Award in Education for Scholar Competency - Awarded to a trainees who demonstrates a continued commitment to the advancement and transmission of medical learning and knowledge.
  • Award in Education for Person Competency - Awarded to a faculty member who promotes the health and wellbeing of physicians and physicians in training.
  • Nomination Procedure and Eligibility:

1. Residents currently enrolled, or Faculty currently appointed to teach, in a program offered by the PGME, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine are eligible.

2. Submit your nomination using the online tool. by October 18th, 2019

3. Nominations will be assessed by the PGME Awards Committee. Recipients will be selected based on the criteria noted above.

For more information, please contact Jodee Kent

613-562-5800, ext. 7613, or via email:


  • Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation- Canadian Institute of Health Research (CSCI-CIHR) Award  - closed


  • PSI Research Trainee Fellowship
    • The Faculty of Medicine is pleased to inform you that the PSI Research Trainee Fellowship will be offered in 2019. Only trainees also in a Ph.D or MSc. or in the Clinician Investigator Program (CIP) can apply.
    • PSI Research Trainee Fellowship (fellowship maximum of $25,000 per year for two (2) years)
    • Your division or department, or another source, must co-fund 50% of the amount requested from PSI. For example, if the trainee requests the maximum $25,000 per year from PSI, then the sponsoring division/department must provide $12,500 per year.
    • Nominations with all documents listed below must all be collated in one (1) pdf document. Please submit nominations to and/or ​​​​​​request more information from Jodee Kent at 
    • Deadline is Friday, October 11, 2019 (electronic format only). 
    • All nominations MUST include:

1. 2020 Research Trainee Fellowship Application Form (see attached).

2. Proposed Training Plan

Please provide a detailed training plan and how it will strengthen the trainee’s development.

3. Proposed Research Plan

Please provide a detailed outline of expected research to be conducted during the training program.

4. Timeline

Create a detailed timeline which includes milestones.

5. Budget and Justification

Provide proof of co-funding and a breakdown and justification of expected expenses for the non-stipend award funds.

6. Mentor’s Role

Prior to submitting the application, the applicant must have identified and secured agreement from a mentor. Such mentors must hold an academic appointment at one of Ontario’s six medical universities, hold a medical license in the province of Ontario, and have a proven track record of clinically relevant research and mentorship experience.

The mentor must include a letter of commitment, which includes the mentor’s availability to this trainee and training experience, and available resources/infrastructure. Note: this is not a letter of support.

7. Mentor- Letter of Support

PSI values the role of mentorship in supporting the success of the applicant during this fellowship. Therefore, the application would be significantly enhanced with a letter from an existing or proposed mentor outlining the nature, plan, and duration of mentorship.

8. Letter of Support from Sponsoring Institution

This letter should provide an evaluation and rationale for the applicant undertaking the training program at this institution. This letter should also explicitly state the amount of co-funding the institution will provide.

9. Curriculum Vita

Please include both the candidate and mentor’s CV. Each CV is to be made up of two components: the first component is to be limited to three pages and will include all relevant information such as education, appointments, committees, etc. The second component is to be a list of publications, presentations, grants received, etc. for the past 5 years. 03/2019 3

10. Appendices

Please use this section to include material that will strengthen this application that is not included elsewhere.

Page Limits

Applications should not exceed 8 pages, plus CVs.

DEADLINE - Friday, October 11, 2019

The information on this page is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment from the University of Ottawa.

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