Immunization Requirements

Immunization Requirements for Postgraduate Residents and Clinical Fellows

The University of Ottawa has mandatory immunization requirements for all postgraduate residents and clinical fellows. Health care providers have an obligation to protect patients and themselves from infections that can be transmitted within the health care practice settings. Immunization is an important tool in preventing the transmission of infections and assists in safeguarding the health of the student during their education and beyond.

Immunization Requirements

It is the trainee's responsibility to submit on time a signed and duly completed Clinical Placement Requirements Record. The deadline for submission is two to three months prior to the start of any clinical activity, and two months prior to the start of any elective rotation.

University of Ottawa trainees and visiting medical students, who completed an elective at the University, only have to submit updated results the Clinical Placement Risk Management team when starting the Postgraduate Program. 

Every trainee must submit yearly proof of a Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) or for a positive TST, submit the Tuberculosis Signs and Symptoms form. To facilitate compliance with keeping the immunization file up to date, clinics are offered at the Faculty of Medicine, Roger Guindon Hall. The postgraduate trainees also have access to the Occupational Health Services of the hospital to which they are assigned. All trainees have access to the University Health Services where the health care professionals are familiar with the University immunization requirements and can provide immunization counseling and services. 

All registered University of Ottawa trainees need to comply with these requirements and continue to update their immunization profile. Failure to do so will result in clinical suspension without pay, therefore causing delays in their education. 

Please return the Clinical Placement Requirements Record and all immunization updates to: Clinical Placement Risk Management Nurse, 129 Louis Pasteur, room 281 (accessible route via 100 Marie-Curie). Documentation can also be submitted either by email at

Failure to comply will result in penalties, which can include suspension without pay or delay/cancellation of an elective. Absolutely no exception will be made. 

To access the following forms, please visit the University of Ottawa's Office of Risk Management website. 

  • Clinical Placement Requirements Record for new trainees
  • Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) for returning trainees if previous test was negative
  • Tuberculosis Signs and Symptoms Form for returning trainees if previous test was positive
  • Immunization Services for Postgraduate Residents and Clinical Fellows for all trainees
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