Registration Fee Refund Request

PGME Office Registration Fee Refund Process

It is important to read and understand all of the following policy and procedure regarding possible refunds.

Registration fee refunds appear as credits on the trainee’s student account if approved. Once completed, the trainee will be required to access their student account and request a disposal of that account.

Requests for a credit must be submitted no more than 30 calendar days AFTER the trainee’s final day of training.  Forms submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. There will be no exceptions. 

The registrar’s office will advise PGME when the credit has been applied. At that time PGME will advise the trainee to access their student account and request the credit be sent to them.

Refunds will be issued by means of a cheque mailed to the resident’s home address that is on file at the registrar’s office at the time of processing. Please allow a minimum of 8 weeks for processing. (If you are leaving Canada after training, instructions will be provided on how that circumstance may be accommodated).

Amounts a trainee may be refunded is directly dependent on the month the trainee completes training and the successful / timely notification being provided by the trainee’s program to our office. “Add see chart below”

All end dates are determined to be the last day of the month of completion. (i.e. August 15,2019 is determined to be August 31, 2019).

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