Registration Fee Refund Request

PGME Office Registration Fee Refund Process

It is important to read and understand all of the following policy and procedure regarding possible refunds.

1. The Trainee completes a refund form that can be found in the initial registration kit as well as on the PGME website and forwards it to

2021-2022 refund form

2. The PGME office reviews the application.

Required information:

  • Trainee name
  • Trainee number
  • Contact information (email/phone number/mailing address)
  • Training period: Start Date / End Date
  • Anticipated refund (as indicated by refund chart)

(See PGME Registration Fee Refund form)

3. If eligible for a refund, a PGME representative will submit the request to the Registrar’s office.

4. Once the account is credited, the Registrar’s office will notify the PGME office. The PGME office then notifies the requestor that a credit has been submitted to their Resident account and provides them with the following procedure to obtain reimbursement.

5. To obtain a refund, the Trainee must access their University Trainee account and request a refund. (Please note: a credit does not always justify a refund as the Trainee may not have paid all fees etc. or has an outstanding balance of some kind on his/her account).

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