Dr. James Chan MD MEd FRCP(C)


Dr. James Chan MD MEd FRCP(C)
IMG Director

Office: 613 737 8979
Email: slouwe@toh.on.ca

Dr. James Chan


Dr. James Chan is a General Internal Medicine specialist who has an interest technology in medical education.  He completed his masters of education in 2006.  Early in his career, while working as PSD Co-Chair he developed a video OSCE (vOSCE) to help his students prepare for OSCE exams.  This lead to him applying the vOSCE technology to helping international medical doctors prepare for application to residency as part of the Medical Licensing and Bridging Program at an NGO.   He has also used the vOSCE to help residents prepare for the LMCC Part 2 licensing exam.   The vOSCE eventually lead to the remote OSCE, which allows physicians to participate in OSCE examination remotely.   Now Dr. Chan is applying the rOSCE technology to remote examinations in the Ottawa Shanghai Joint School of Medicine.   In his role as IMG Support Director, Dr. Chan is currently  exploring cross cultural differences and how they affect the medical education environment as a way to help IMGs successfully navigate the Canadian system. 

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