On-call stipend

Submit your on-call stipend claim by the deadline. 

The on-call system is designed to reimburse residents eligible for a call stipend, as outlined in the PARO-CAHO Collective Agreement found at http://www.myparo.ca/your-contract/

In-house/In-Hospital Call ($127.60 per call)

An in-house/in-hospital call can be claimed if you were scheduled for and worked in the hospital on call.

Converted Home/Out of Hospital Call ($127.60 per call)

A converted home/out of hospital call can be claimed if you were scheduled for a home/out of hospital call but worked more than four hours in the hospital AND at least one of the four hours were after midnight and before 6:00 am.

Home/Out of Hospital Call ($63.80 per call)

A home/out of hospital call can be claimed if you were scheduled and did perform a home/out of hospital call.

Qualifying Shift ($63.80 per shift)

A qualifying shift can be claimed if you were scheduled and worked a shift within the hospital where at least one full hour occurred between midnight and 6:00 am.

Note: A qualifying shift cannot be claimed for days claimed either as a home/out of hospital call or as an in-hospital/in-house call.

Rounding ($63.80 per rounds claimed)

Rounding can be claimed if you are not scheduled for a call and are required to round on a weekend day and actually attend in-hospital for such rounding.

For more information on what constitutes a particular type of call, please visit http://www.myparo.ca/top-contract-questions/#call-stipends for more details. The PARO office also welcomes any further questions you may have regarding stipend claims.

How to Claim

  • On-Call Claim forms are available at CHEO, The Ottawa Hospital (both campuses), all Family Medicine Centres, NOSM offices and the Montfort Hospital. You may also send an e-mail to pgmepay@uottawa.ca or stop by the paymaster office at the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Medicine (3021 RGN) in order to obtain a copy.
  • Forms are to be completed by the resident, marking down whether the call was "In-Hospital/In-House", "Converted Home/Out of Hospital", "Home/Out of Hospital", “Qualifying Shift” or "Rounding". If there is not a rounding or converted call column on the On-Call Claim form you are filling out, please access the updated form on this webpage (click on On-Call Stipend Form). There cannot be more than one type of call checked off per each individual date. Therefore, select the call which is in accordance with the PARO-CAHO collective agreement, based on the services rendered that day.
  • Forms must be approved and signed by both the resident making the claim and the Chief/Senior Resident on service or Program Administrator.
  • The On-Call Claim form should have the residents' name, block(s) worked, and service(s) performed printed clearly. All calls listed should be legibly printed and listed by each particular day and in chronological order. It is preferable to have each claim form submitted with only one block rather than several clustered onto the same claim form.
  • A copy of the on-call schedule must be included to process payment, unless otherwise specified (ie: no formal call schedule) and approved by the program. The dates worked on the schedule should be circled (not highlighted) for visibility.
  • The best method to submit on-call claims is to send forms directly to the Paymaster Office for Medical Residents (Nicole Proulx and/or Lucija Dorvak) at the University of Ottawa (Faculty of Medicine) via email to pgmepay@uottawa.ca. Claims received more than 30 days after the end of the month in which the call was worked will not be paid except for circumstances reasonably beyond the control of the resident. In order to receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of your on-call claim(s) and the projected payment date, the resident must submit their claim(s) via e-mail.
    • As per the PARO-CAHO collective agreement, Attachment 22 (Implementation of Call Stipends, section 2a) states: Call stipend claims must be submitted to the person(s) designated by the hospitals to receive such claims within 30 days following the end of the month in which the call was worked, save and except for circumstances reasonably beyond the control of the resident. Otherwise, untimely call stipends will not be paid.
    • If the timing of receipt of claims does not comply with the agreement, the stipends received outside of this window will not be paid.
  • Forms may also be submitted in person or by mail to 451 Smyth road, Office 3021, K1H 8M5, in the Roger Guindon building. If applicable, residents may submit their on-call claims through their program, but they should inquire with the program first to see if it is possible. Faxing is also an option if the above-mentioned methods are unavailable. Stipends may be faxed to (613)562-5394.
  • Forms will be checked against call schedules for accuracy.
  • Call stipend payments for University of Ottawa Postgraduate Medical Residents will be processed once monthly.
  • Once annually, our office updates the payment schedule for on-call claims and forwards it to all residents via their uOttawa e-mail account. This information is circulated so that residents may be aware of the stipend payment and cut-off dates for on-call claim submissions for the current academic year.

    Please note: Payment schedule for on-call claims may be subject to change. In the event of a change, we will ensure residents and programs are notified. If the schedule you are viewing has expired or you have misplaced/not received a copy of the schedule, please contact pgmepay@uottawa.ca so that we may e-mail you the most recent copy.
  • MOHLTC funded residents will be paid via the University of Ottawa, Paymaster Office for Medical Residents (3021 RGN).
  • If forms are not filled out correctly, the paymaster office will make an attempt to contact the resident and/or the program by e-mail to advise them of such. The claims will be returned to the resident and/or their program for re-submission if no response has been received within a particular window of time.

Please send the completed and signed form to:

The Paymaster Office for Medical Residents
(training under the PARO-CAHO Collective Agreement):


Nicole Proulx, Financial & Payroll Officer, University of Ottawa


Lucija Dorvak, Financial & Payroll Officer, University of Ottawa

By e-mail: pgmepay@uottawa.ca
By mail: 451 Smyth Road, Room 3021, Ottawa ON, K1H 8M5

For further information, please call 613-562-5800 ext. 1656

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