Appendix II - Crisis Intervention Program

Residents or fellows may be reluctant to seek help with the Faculty due to privacy concerns. 

At each site on the medical campus there is a contact person whose role it is to get sufficient information so as to facilitate the connection to a community or institutionally based specialist as needed (eg. psychiatrist, marriage counsellor, family therapist, etc.). The role of the contact person is not to provide assessment and treatment, however the specialist will manage problems immediately and as necessary in a confidential fashion. 

All inquiries are confidential and will be handled discreetly and as quickly as possible. If necessary, no name needs to be revealed.

If a trainee finds herself/himself under inordinate stress, even if it is felt to be short lived, he or she should first contact their medical education office with the recognition that a brief period of time off (one to two days) may be all that is necessary away from work to recover. More prolonged leaves may require a medical certificate. 

The Faculty of Medicine also has a Faculty Wellness Program, which can provide you with assistance in finding immediate care. If you prefer, you can communicate with the Assistant Dean of the Wellness program, Dr. Elizabeth Muggah at

The University of Ottawa offers Student Health Services and postgraduate trainees also have access to this service. Feel free to call the Health Services to arrange for a medical appointment with Dr. Don Kilby (or other physician on site) at 613-564-7826.

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