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Biobar services is committed to serving the research community of the Faculty of Medicine by procuring and providing on-site access to primary research materials and products required for research activities in the following ways:

  • Accessing innovative technologies, as well as staple research materials and products;
  • Enhancing Faculty researchers’ sourcing, planning and ordering experience, using an optimal ordering and inventory management solution, Medistore;
  • Reducing procurement costs through consolidated ordering;
  • Eliminating freight costs through consolidated ordering;
  • Diminishing administrative time spent on ordering and stocking of high usage research materials and products.

Roles and Responsibilities

Biobar is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the proper performance of the procurement of scientific material and managing equipment and supply inventory systems for the Faculty of Medicine.

Biobar’s main responsibilities are:

  • Ensuring that procurement activities are compliant with the University's policies, procedures and applicable laws;
  • Negotiating goods and services agreements with Biobar suppliers;
  • Proceeding to the payment of invoices for goods and services;
  • Coordinating liquid nitrogen deliveries to the research laboratories;
  • Managing supplies, chemicals and equipment inventory systems;
  • Organizing and coordinating pipette calibration clinics;
  • Organizing and coordinating product shows and promotional events with Biobar suppliers.
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