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Academic Promotions:

  • 2020-2021 

The Faculty of Medicine will formally recognize the notable achievements of our Faculty members who were promoted in May 2021.

The Faculty of Medicine Professorial Promotions Ceremony 2022
Thursday, February 17, 2022 | 6:00-7:00 p.m.
Zoom – Link to come closer to the event

  • 2021-2022

The Office of Faculty Affairs is proud to announce that we have received a record number of promotion applications this year, receiving a total of seventy-one (71). Fifty (50) applications for promotion to the rank of Associate Professor and twenty-one (21) for promotion to the rank of Full Professor.

Faculty Wellness Program (FWP):

Take 5 - A Virtual Hangout: To nurture a global vibe at your faculty

Your wellness team welcomes all international learners from uOttawa’s Faculty of Medicine to ‘take five’ to meet new people from all over the planet! Join us for a monthly informal meetup where fellow internationals can connect, encourage and support each other.

Holiday message from the FWP!

This year, the holidays will feel more normal, without the restrictions of the last festive season. For some, diving back into established traditions will be welcomed. Others, however, may want to relive some moments from last year’s quieter holidays.  

Your wellness team cares and wants the best for you over the break. So, we’re offering some encouragement to help keep you mentally robust and physically rested during this time.

Here are some friendly suggestions.

Take a few minutes to envisage what type of holiday you want – for extra insight try writing down these ideas. Ask yourself what does it look like; who is with you; what kind of vibe do you want? The answers to these questions might help you build a clearer picture of what you want for yourself over the break.

Now that you have the vision, bring it to your partner or someone you’ll be sharing the experience with and assess whether your visions align. If they do, great! Start planning! If there are some gaps or differences in vision, now’s the time to negotiate – it’s important that you’re on the same page to reduce chances of resentment. Remember communicating your needs does not equal being mean or bossy.

Then, with your discussed holiday wish list settled, consider how to navigate tricky situations that may emerge and that you have very little control over?

Troubleshoot how these could be managed, or even changed, without drama. Let history be your guide. Ask a trusted friend for ideas too.

For example:

If in the past, the expectation was that you stayed over at your family’s house for four days and left with a sore back from a bad bed and frayed nerves from emotional tension, maybe booking a hotel or Airbnb is a way to ensure you have more comfort and privacy. Staying only two nights and proposing a fun activity could also be options.

If your children complain about not having enough time at home with their gifts, suggest a timetable that suits better: recommend having a celebratory meal at 6pm instead of lunchtime. If you’re vegetarian and the host has either forgotten or prepared the wrong food in the past, bring your own protein option, ready to go with no fuss. 

Proximity is your friend.  Strategize to not sit near the perennial invited guest who starts uncomfortable, awkward conversations.  You can keep face time brief whilst being friendly. 

If you’d like to celebrate but have no family in town, take the risk to invite others to yours or meet with one of many organized holiday groups in the city.

And remember, there are instances when preparing and troubleshooting will not save you from difficulties during the holidays. If celebrating the traditional way is too dire or even puts you at risk, it’s time to skip the festivities altogether in favour of safer surroundings among people with whom you feel good.

Your Wellness Team wishes you a joyous holiday season and looks forward to supporting you in 2022!

For additional information or guidance for social gatherings during COVID-19, visit the Ottawa Health Public website!

Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion:

The eighth edition of the Med EDI newsletter is now available online. This edition focuses on Psychological Safety in the workplace, an update from the Centre for Indigenous Health Research and Education on the events held during the National Truth and Reconciliation week, the launch of the University of Ottawa Interdisciplinary centre dedicated to the study of Black health, and much more.

We welcome feedback as we develop this new platform, please feel free to send us your thoughts at edifom@uottawa.ca

Upcoming Events and Seminars:

Trauma-Informed Care in Medicine Education and Clinical Practice: Creating Space for Courageous Conversations

In this presentation, Mrs Parks will help participants identify different types of psychological trauma, including how experiencing racism can contribute to trauma, understand the prevalence of trauma as well as the potential for long-lasting sequelae and impact on psychological and physical health over a lifetime; special attention will be given to impacts on marginalized and underserved populations. Participants will also gain an understanding of ways in which Trauma-Informed Care helps build safer spaces not just for patients/ clients, but also for medical learners, staff, and educators; and explore ways in which each person can contribute to develop a TIC culture within an organization.

Office of Professionalism:


The Faculty of Medicine, Office of Professionalism, recognizes how important it is to acknowledge the exemplary professionalism of members of our community (clinicians, researchers, learners, trainees, and staff).

We, therefore, encourage you to submit a Professionalism Kudos to the Office of Professionalism via email at fompro@uottawa.ca.  It will take just a few moments of your time!  Please ensure to include the following information in your nomination.

  • First and last name of the nominee(s)
  • First and last name of the nominator(s)
  • Type of nomination (Individual or team)
  • Description of event/initiative to support the nomination

We would like to commend those who demonstrate and engage with the professional attitudes and behaviours which are in line with the Faculty’s core values.   

For more information, please contact the Office of Professionalism at fompro@uottawa.ca 

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