The Faculty Wellness Program (FWP) will be working remotely until further notice pending further directives. Should you wish to reach a member of the FWP, please send an email to . Thank you for your cooperation and your understanding.

These are unprecedented times and many are experiencing heightened anxiety and stress, especially physicians and health care providers. There are lots of supports and resources for health providers and we’d like to highlight some: 

 COVID-19 Wellness Resources and Supports

Peer Support(pdf, 164.73 KB)


Faculty Wellness Program

Need Help Now?Information

Mental Health Crisis Line

  • 613-722-6914
  • 1-866-996-0991

University of Ottawa Security – Emergency Line

  • 613-562-5411

PARO Helpline

  • 1-866-HELP-DOC

Ontario Medical Association / Physician Health Program

  • 1-800-851-6606
Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
  • Tel.:1-844-880-9142

Homewood Health

  • Tel.:1-800-663-1142

Canada Suicide Prevention Service

  • Tel: 1-800-456-4566
  • Quebec residents: 1-866-277-3553

At the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine, the well being of all members of our Faculty continues to be of the highest priority.

What do we do?

Our program is committed to promoting the well-being of members of the Faculty of Medicine.

Terms of Reference

The Faculty Wellness Program is a standing program within the University of Ottawa's, Faculty of Medicine.

The mandate of the Committee is to assist the Assistant Dean of the Faculty Wellness Program, and the Dean of the Faculty, in promoting the health and well being of members of the Faculty of Medicine including faculty and learners.

Health and Wellness Promotion

  • To promote a comprehensive understanding of health and wellness as it applies to medical professionals, and its relationship to the provision of excellent clinical care, teaching, and research
  • To promote educational programs designed to enhance participant’s attitudes, knowledge, and skills in the area of faculty and learner


  • To maintain a confidential resource list of professionals skilled at working with other professionals;
  • To offer immediate support as well as facilitate referrals to external professionals.


  • To promote research in physician health and Faculty wellness


  • To offer support to the Office of Student Affairs when requested and appropriate.
  • To partner with community agencies where appropriate and possible (e.g. Academy of Medicine, Ottawa; Ontario Medical Association's Physician Support Program; Canadian Physician Health Network; and, the Canadian Medical Association's Centre for Physician Health)


  • Assistant Dean, Faculty Wellness Program (ex-officio) will act as Chair of the committee
  • Vice-Dean, Faculty Affairs
  • One representative from the PGME academic leadership team
  • One representative from the UGME academic leadership team
  • One representative from the Graduate academic leadership team
  • One representative from each affiliated teaching hospital (two year term with possibility of renewal)
  • One medical student selected by the student society (two year term with possibility of renewal)
  • One resident selected by PARO (two year term with possibility of renewal)
  • One graduate student selected by the graduate student's society (two year term with possibility of renewal)
  • One post-doctoral fellow selected by the Association of Postdoctoral fellows in Faculty of Medicine (two year term with possibility of renewal)
  • One representative from PGME clinical fellows
  • One member representative from a basic sciences department(two year term with possibility of renewal)
  • One representative from CPD

Subcommittees may be formed to address special issues.

What can we offer to you?

  • Departmental Consultations on Wellness
  • Individual referrals to health care providers, financial advisors, counselors or therapists
  • Educational interventions shaped to suit the need of your group, program, or department
  • Information on conflict resolution
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