Clinical Dossier

What to include in your clinical dossier:

Clinical Dossier Summary

Include a few sentences highlighting the contents of each subheading used in your clinical dossier. This is the equivalent of an abstract of your dossier. It should provide a quick overview of the particularly important aspects of your dossier and provide the reader with a general view of your contributions to clinical care

Philosophy of Clinical Care

This section will be particularly important if your practice format is not typical of most physicians in your area of practice. Questions to ask yourself when reflecting on your philosophy of care:

  • What is your approach to clinical care?
  • How did you prepare for this role?
  • Was there a person or event that influenced your approach?
  • How do you influence clinical care in your area of practice?
  • Are there factors that enhance your ability to provide excellent clinical care?
  • How do you overcome the challenges to providing excellent clinical care?

Clinical Responsibilities

Use tables, when possible, to summarize clinical responsibilities  - include such items as, location (inpatient, outpatient, community based) of clinical service, population served, caseload, numbers of consultations, numbers of follow-ups, procedures etc. In essence, outline the scope of the clinical service provided by you over the time span included in the application and include or delete any items relevant to your practice. Some clinical responsibilities are not easily captured in table format and will require text.




Clinical Service

Number of new consultations

Number of Follow-ups


Hospital Clinic










Hospital Inpatient Unit

Inpatient Care

48 admissions


Include additional activities expected of you to ensure provision of this service.

Describe any special aspects of your clinical care: i.e. If you see a specific patient population that requires special resources or interventions this would be explained here. You may also need to briefly describe what is involved in providing clinical care in your area. For example, if a consult requires eight hours of assessment and then a family meeting to discuss results, this should be mentioned, as this is not typical of most practices.

Clinical Administration and Leadership

Provide a description of any leadership roles you have assumed related to clinical care; e.g. team leader, clinical director, and committee chair.
Describe any role you have played in planning clinical services for your practice area and /or your involvement in developing policy related to the provision of clinical care. Any evaluation of your leadership roles should be discussed here.

Scholarship in Clinical Care

(Note that this is the most important part of your dossier that would be of interest to the reviewers of your application)

Innovation and Initiative:

Provide a description of any innovative programs you have developed, implemented or evaluated involving clinical care. 
Present this information in terms of the clinical problem to be solved with the intervention, the program and its objectives. Briefly outline impact and results of the program implementation.
Research and Dissemination:
Highlight significant contributions, and explain how they relate to your role as a clinician as many of the following items will be in your CV and/or your teaching dossier – refer to these documents as appropriate. Highlight here, contributions that distinguish you from your colleagues.

  • publications in either peer reviewed or non-refereed journals or book chapters on clinical care subjects
  • teaching on clinical subjects, especially invited lectures
  • developing new teaching materials or methods on topics related to clinical subjects
  • presenting at scholarly meetings or colloquia on clinical topics
  • conceiving, developing and carrying out research involving aspects of clinical care
  • clinical program evaluation
  • membership on major clinical societies, editorial boards etc.

Adapt this section to fit your circumstances. It is very important to present your work in clinical care as scholarly in nature, if you have chosen clinical care as your area of expertise. For more examples on what could be considered scholarship in clinical care, see the promotions manual.

Professional Development

Describe any advanced training or skill development done to enhance provision of clinical care.

Evidence of Excellence

Highlight any awards or award nominations for your clinical work – Provide a three to four line description of the award and its significance.

Brief summaries of evaluations from consumers, team members, colleagues, supervisors, department or division chair showing excellence should be included. (Copies of letters or other forms of appreciation are not normally required)

Appendix I - Clinical Evaluations

If you have a limited number of evaluations, present them all in this section. If you have large numbers, a representative sample would suffice. It is the summary that indicates a consistent and sustained level of clinical expertise that is important.


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