Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Diverse group of smiling young adults

The Faculty of Medicine is not only committed to a climate of mutual respect, but also upholds the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviour, in keeping with the values of the University of Ottawa.

  1. Equity: defined as equal access to opportunity for all, is the basic principle underlying the mandate of the EDG office. The EDG advisory committee advocates for access to learning and professional development opportunities for all individuals. It also encourages medical professionals and medical educators to advocate for health equity for all and to serve as agents for change.

  2. Diversity: requires that we account for differences, share experiences, and learn from one another without erecting artificial barriers that discriminate against specific groups. A mission of the office is to keep this concept on the forefront of our professional activities and emphasize the idea that determinants of health such as biology, gender, socioeconomic status, ethnicity and age have significant effects on the health of all people.

  3. Gender: The office recognizes that gender intersects all other determinants of health, and impacts significantly on health outcomes, a factor that directly impacts the quality of patient care. Training and educating medical professionals to understand and be sensitive to its impact is essential.

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