The Women Faculty Mentoring Program at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa

In 1994, the Women Faculty Mentoring Program was established in response to the report of the Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Gender issues at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine. The Junior Women Faculty Mentoring Program has provided one-on-one mentoring and coaching as well as a number of educational programs since 1995. Approximately 10 women per year have been voluntarily matched to senior women faculty as mentors, for a total of 70 mentor-mentee pairs since the inception of the program. Each year in addition, about 35 female faculty received coaching and guidance in application for promotion, for a total of approximately 175 female faculty taking part in the Mentoring program.

The major goals of the Women Faculty Mentoring program are:

  • academic promotion;
  • personal and professional development;
  • and faculty development.

An ongoing program of educational seminars has offered opportunities for female faculty to learn new skills in leadership, communication, conflict resolution, negotiation, time management, presentation, teaching, computer use, grant and paper writing. Every year, a special evening on academic promotion, featuring the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and other staff from the Promotions office, provides practical advice and encouragement regarding academic promotion requirements and preparation of teaching portfolios. A series of Integrity-based educational workshops, aimed at assisting women faculty to deal with workplace stress, and to achieve wellness and harmony between work and personal life, have been attended by about 75 women faculty over the past three years.

The Women Faculty Mentoring Program is co-chaired by Dr. Nedra R. Lander and Dr. Danielle Nahon. In 2001, the program was expanded to include all faculty women, who may become involved in the program as either mentor and/or mentee, addressing differing mentoring needs at different times throughout career stages.

In the experience of this program, the mentor-mentee relationship is not very time consuming and is informal. Nedra and Danielle would like to extend a warm invitation to all faculty women, regardless of their rank, to take part in the Women Faculty Mentoring Program as either mentor and/or mentee. They hope that you will plan to join them and the other faculty women for this as well as for our future Continuing Education programs hosted by the Mentoring program; your presence will be greatly welcome and appreciated.

Nedra and Danielle would be delighted to answer any other questions you may have about the Women Faculty Mentoring Program. You may reach them at the following email addresses and telephone numbers:

Danielle Nahon, Ph.D., C.Psych.
Chair, Female Faculty Mentoring Program
& Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Nedra R. Lander, Ph.D., C.Psych.
Chair, Female Faculty Mentoring Program
& Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry


  • Handbook on Faculty Mentoring -To receive the document, please send an e-mail to wellness@uOttawa.

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