Female Postdoctoral Fellows

This program has been in existence since February 2013, and was developed by the EDG office based on a model created at the Hannover Medical School by Dr. Barbël Miemietz, Equal Opportunities Officer.  We wanted to better understand the drop in the number of female scientists between the postdoctoral fellowship and the academic stage of their careers and determine if mentoring would promote academic success.

The EDG office initially conducted two mentoring evenings to gauge interest in the program and to identify issues relevant to this group. The Program has now been expanded to include monthly group mentoring lunches. These well-attended lunches provide an opportunity for female PDFs to meet and network with colleagues and mentors. Numerous faculty mentors attending these lunches and provide guidance, answer questions and serve as strong academic role models.  Topics of discussion include career development, job opportunities, setting up a job portfolio, effective presentation techniques and family/work harmony. Monthly meetings alternate between informal discussions and more formal presentations on such topics as crafting an Individual Development Plan (IDP), structuring an effective cover letter and CV, preparing for an interview and delivering an effective chalk talk. 

Questions and expressions of interest in the program can be directed to:

Catherine Tsilfidis
Assistant Dean, Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


Chantal Prendergast
Administrative Assistant, Office of Professional Affairs

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