LGBTQ2SA+ Learners

Half Canadian flag half LGBTQ+ flag

The Medical Diversity and LGBTQA Advocacy Interest Group within the Aesculapian Society and the EDG Office have established a mentoring program for LGBTQ2SA+ learners (medical students, graduate students and residents).  This initiative was launched because learners felt isolated and vulnerable.  Many stated that they were uncertain if it was safe to be out, or if their sexual orientation would compromise their career opportunities.

As part of the program, monthly group mentoring meetings are held which are well attended by mentees and mentors.  One-on-one mentoring is offered for mentees that are not comfortable with the group format.  Since its inception in November 2015, more than 30 trainees and 25 faculty have signed up for group or one-on-one mentoring. 

Questions and expressions of interest in the program can be directed to:

Catherine Tsilfidis
Assistant Dean, Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

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