Women Faculty Mentoring

The Women Faculty Mentoring Program was established in 1994 in response to the report of the Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Gender issues at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine. The program has provided one-on-one mentoring and coaching as well as a number of educational programs since 1995. A Handbook on Faculty Mentoring (Birdi & Goldstein, 1999) was developed and has been used and adapted by departments of various other Faculties.

The major goals of the Women Faculty Mentoring program are:

  • To support and encourage academic promotion;
  • To enhance personal and professional development; and
  • To promote faculty development.

The Women Faculty Mentoring Program is co-chaired by Dr. Nedra R. Lander and Dr. Danielle Nahon. Originally aimed at junior faculty, in 2001 the program was expanded to include all faculty women, who may become involved in the program as either mentor and/or mentee, addressing differing mentoring needs at different times throughout career stages.

In the experience of the program, the mentor-mentee relationship is not very time consuming and is informal. All Faculty women, regardless of their rank, are warmly invited to take part in the Women Faculty Mentoring Program as either mentor and/or mentee.

Questions about the Women Faculty Mentoring Program can be addressed to:

Nedra R. Lander, Ph.D., C.Psych.
Chair, Female Faculty Mentoring Program
& Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Email: edgissues@uOttawa.ca


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