The Faculty of Medicine, Office of Professionalism, recognizes how important it is to acknowledge the exemplary professionalism of members of our community (clinicians, researchers, learners, trainees, and staff). 

We, therefore, encourage you to submit a Kudos to the Office of Professionalism via email at fompro@uottawa.ca.  It will take just a few moments of your time!  Please ensure to include in the following information in your nomination.

  • First and last name of the nominee(s)
  • First and last name of the nominator(s)
  • Type of nomination (individual or team)
  • Description of event / initiative to support the nomination

We would like to commend those who demonstrate and engage with the professional attitudes and behaviours which are in line with the Faculty’s core values

A copy of the nomination will be shared with the Vice-Dean of the respective academic unit and or the nominee’s direct supervisor for support.

For more information, please contact the Office of Professionalism at fompro@uottawa.ca

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