Vision, Mission, Strategic Plan

Office of Continuing Professional Development

Our vision/mission statements were recently updated to reflect an increasing focus on practice improvement and health outcomes. We strive to motivate our planning committees to incorporate the tenets of quality improvement and to create objectives and learning formats that will result in practice change in those who participate in our programs.


To enhance practice improvement through innovative, practical and evidence-informed continuing professional development leading to better healthcare outcomes.   “Enhancing healthcare through CPD


Enable and support effective lifelong learning of physicians, medical educators and scientists and other healthcare professionals by:

  1. Addressing professional practice learning and performance needs
  2. Promoting self-directed learning with a competency-based framework
  3. Integrating best evidence
  4. Integrating patient perspective
  5. Promoting scholarship and research
  6. Incorporating appropriate educational technologies
  7. Embracing social accountability by integrating the needs of our diverse stakeholders and communities
  8. Recognizing the bilingual character of our community

Strategic Plan

Our vision and mission statements are aligned with the Faculty of Medicine’s Vision and Mission which is summarized by the phrase “We teach to heal”.   The goals and objectives for the Office of CPD are aligned with our Vision and Mission and are summarized in the OCPD's Strategic Plan, 2018-2021, updated January 2019.

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