Ethics and Policies


Ethics and policies are integral to a sound CPD event. The references below identify practices and processes that are required.

Visit the Royal College for information about the National Standard for Support of Accredited CPD Activities. The intent of this Standard is to "safeguard the integrity of accredited CPD activities from the influence of sponsoring organizations that could lead to bias".


In addition to these, the University of Ottawa's Office of Continuing Professional Development also has a wide array of internal policies on the topics listed that can be found below.

OCPD Policies 2020

  • Policy on Privacy for Learners, Speakers & Patients
  • Policy on Copyright
  • Policy on Scientific Balance of Content for Accredited/Certified CPD Activities
  • Policy on Mitigation of Conflict of Interest
  • Policy on Professionalism within the Office of Continuing Professional Development Staff
  • Policy on Accreditation of Continuing Professional Development Events at the University of Ottawa
  • Policy on Audits
  • Policy on Modifications to Accreditation Criteria for Industry-Sponsored Events
  • Policy on Continuing Professional Development and Industry
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