FacDev FAQs

The Office of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)  supports a faculty development (FacDev) program entrusted to address the career development and teaching needs of the members of the Faculty of Medicine. A full spectrum of workshops are offered regularly spanning from teaching skills development, research skills, scholarship of teaching, communications, leadership, mentoring, humanities, wellness, planning for promotion to planning for transitions including retirement.

The Office of CPD is frequently asked about how can we support your divisional or departmental FacDev?  We welcome your queries, and can offer consultation in regard to educational design, collaborators, help in identifying facilitators and we can accredit your programs.

Accreditation for FacDev Programs requires early involvement of the Office of CPD, at the planning stages, in order to ensure all criteria for accreditation are being addressed. For in-house FacDev is limited to members of our faculty that meets our criteria, there is no cost for accreditation (FacDev in this setting does not include topics that are considered disease, or discipline specific continuing professional development). If there are any questions about eligibility then please contact the office.  

Accreditation for MOC by the RCPSC and/or MainPro+ by the CFPC is recommended for all programs that target clinical faculty members.  Application for accreditation to be done by the Office of CPD is required if the program is not eligible for self-accreditation.  If your session is not a recurring rounds (at least 6 per year), and involves a large group (over 12) you will need to pursue accreditation through the Office of CPD.

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