Workplace learning

Faculty Development in your workplace

The Office of CPD can assist in arranging and providing accredited learning in your workplace at rounds/seminars/special workshops for interested faculty members one on one observation of teaching.

Below is a list of possible workshops to consider  or you can suggest a topic of interest to your group of Faculty of Medicine members (residents and students can attend if half the audience is made up of Faculty Members).  To arrange a group session we require a minimum of 15 participants; please contact us at .

Workshop topics

  • Presentation skills
  • Giving feedback
  • Teaching empathy
  • Professionalism (teaching, reporting, remediating)
  • Helping the learner in difficulty
  • Tips from top teachers
  • Critical thinking
  • Integrating the humanities in your teaching
  • Mentoring
  • Cultural awareness and safety
  • Unconscious bias
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