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Conference Planning Services

The Office of CPD has been planning conferences for over 60 years and has developed experience in a range of educational programs from single day local events to multiple day long international conferences.  Our aim is to provide our clients with a professional, comprehensive, educational program service from idea to course completion.  The Office provides support from educational consultants, event planners, registration and financial administrators.    

Whether it is local, national or international, our highly skilled conference team will ensure that your event is a success.  We can provide any one or combination of the following services for your large, medium, small or multi-annual events.


By contacting our office either by phone or email, our education consultants can provide advice on how to develop your program for the greatest learning experience for your participants.  It starts by understanding your target audience, their needs and responding with optimal learning objectives.  Education and evaluation strategies can be provided by our consultants to optimize learning outcomes including steps for accreditation/certification of your program.  Please see our accreditation website for more information.

With some information about what type of program is desired, our team can provide ideas about venue and setup, timelines and budget expectations.

Course Proposal

With a general understanding about what the program is to be about, we would ask that you fill out a course proposal form which allows you to select from these services.  A “Memorandum of Agreement” will be sent to you to provide a formal understanding about what the Office of CPD will do to support your education program.

Planning Committee Support

Our planning team can help to develop and support the activities of your planning committee which should consist of representatives of the target audience.  Meeting times, agendas and minutes will be provided by the designated planner including a timeline for key milestones of the planning process and a debriefing session following the program.

Budget Management

Our team can develop the budget, provide reasonable expectations for costs, manage revenues and expenses for the program, coordinate grants, registration revenues, and payments to speakers and vendors.   Our financial administrator will ensure accurate budget management and a full account of revenues and expenses following the conclusion of the program.

Contract Negotiations

With the highly experienced planning team, the best pricing for venue, catering, hotel rooms and other vendors can be assured.


These services include developing “Save the date” messages, complete program brochures, and communications with the target audience including advertising in various journals and publications and websites. All of our materials can be branded and tailored to best represent your organization.

The Office of CPD prides itself on being environmentally conscious. We offer a branded mobile web app for smart phones, tablets and other devices that is tailored to your program.

Registration Management

Our registrar will set up a registration page which can be branded and tailored to your program.  Our team will provide continuous support to participants during the registration process.  Registration fees will be collected and collated, participant lists will be created and on-site management of registration including preparation and distribution of badges and materials will be provided.  At the conclusion of the event, certificate of attendance will be distributed.  

Speaker Management

The team will contact speakers, develop speaker agreements including disclosure of relationships with industry, and collect presentations for access by participants.

Sponsorship and Exhibitor Management

Our highly experienced planning team will assist in the seeking revenue based and in-kind sponsorship opportunities. We start with the the development of a sponsorship prospectus that is branded and tailored to your program. Our planners will then work throughout the planning process to liaise with sponsors and will coordinate the onsite logistical management of your exhibitors.

Abstract Management

Our abstract management system can be branded and tailored to your program. If your program includes scientific sessions, abstracts can be collected, collated and distributed for review.   Our team will assist with development of oral and poster sessions as part of the program.

On-site Logistics Management

Our expert team of planners can support all aspects of managing your program on the day of the event including registration and support for your participants, interacting with the venue personnel including AV, and troubleshooting issues that may develop during the event.


Once an appropriate evaluation strategy is identified, we can provide communications and follow-up with the target audience and produce an overall evaluation report that can be used to reflect on the success of the program and provide information for future events.

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