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The webinars are offered on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings
from 19:00 - 20:00
May 3 - 26, 2022




May 3

Lung Cancer
Presented by Dr. Patrick James Villeneuve
Join Dr. Villeneuve as he reviews the basics: Risks, staging and treatment

May 5

Lipids and Lipid Guidelines
Presented by Dr. Cathy Sun
Dr. Sun will provide an overview on how and why doctors diagnose and manage
common cholesterol-related medical conditions.


May 10

Planetary Health
Presented by Dr. Husein Moloo
Lets look at the impact that healthcare has on the planet as well as how our changing environment (ie the climate crisis) is affecting our health. It will highlight how each of us has our part to play in helping with the climate crisis and how eco-anxiety can be turned into eco-action.

May 12

Forensic Pathology: What Happens in the Lab?
Presented by Dr. Alfredo Walker
What is forensic pathology? Dr. Walker will explain the duties of a forensic pathologist and
describe the role of a forensic pathologist in medicolegal death investigation.


May 17

Transgender Medicine
Presented by Dr. Irena Druce
Outline the current landscape and care gaps that exist in the provision of care to transgender patients.

May 19

Preventative Medicine
Presented by Dr. Rita Hafizi
Has it been a while since you last saw your doctor?  Find out what preventative screening interventions are currently recommended to ensure you continue living a healthy life, and what tests are no longer recommended at this talk on preventative medicine.


May 24

Opioid use in COVID
Presented by Dr. Louise Overington
Join Dr. Overington to gain a better understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on opioid use in Canada. She will discuss what opioid use disorders are, evidence-based treatments and services, and community resources.

May 26

STROKE Management
Presented by Dr. Michel Shamy
How does our everyday treatment decisions occur in a historical context? We will consider the ways that everyday treatment decisions are ethical decisions and explore how treatment decisions involve, apply and relate to evidence and uncertainty.

Program is subject to change without notice

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