Postgraduate Medical Education

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Director: Dr. Jeanne Talbot
Associate Director: Dr. Kelly Mascioli

The University of Ottawa Psychiatry Residency Training Program is a mid-sized program with an average of 13 residents per year. It offers training in diverse teaching hospitals including a French hospital. There is a 1:4 resident/faculty ratio and these faculty members and many allied health professionals create a supportive and enriching learning environment.

Residents have access to an exceptionally wide breadth of expertise within the Department.  Beyond the subspecialties in Geriatric, Child and Adolescent and Forensic Psychiatry, there are staff members recognized for their expertise in: 1) Addiction Psychiatry 2) Sleep Medicine 3) Schizophrenia 4) Eating Disorders 5) Psychotherapy 6) Community Psychiatry and 7) Psychopharmacology.

Residents can tailor their training to interests.   An optional Research Stream is available for those wanting to further develop their research skills or pursue a Master’s or PH.D. Residents interested in medical education can also access medical education training through University of Ottawa and complete a certificate or Master’s in medical education at the University of Ottawa. A Psychotherapy Stream allows residents to pursue additional psychotherapy training.

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Debbie Hall
Postgraduate Coordinator
The Ottawa Hospital (General Campus), 501 Smyth Road, Ottawa, ON, K1H 8L6
Phone: 613-737-8955
Fax: 613-739-9980

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