The "Undergraduate Education Committee" organizes the structure and learning objectives for medical students during their Mind Block (psychiatry), as well as the psychiatry rotation during clerkship. This includes organizing lecturers, creating content for the problem based learning modules, and setting exams.

Committee members include:

Dr. Khalid Bazaid
Program Director
Anglophone Clerkship Rotation Director


Dr. Katherine Allen
Anglophone Pre-Clerkship Director, Unit 3 Leader & Mind Content Expert

Dr. Melissa Palardy
Francophone Clerkship Rotation Director

Dr. Melanie Strike
Francophone Pre-Clerkship Director, Unit 3 Leader & Content Expert

Dr. Floyd Wood
Site Education Director, Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre

Dr. Lyndal Petit
Site Education Director, TOH General Campus

Dr. Gary Kay
Site Education Director, TOH Civic Campus

Dr. Dhiraj Aggarwal
Site Education Director, CHEO & Education Director, Division of Child Psychiatry

Dr. Soojin Chun
Education Director, Division of Geriatric Psychiatry

Dr. Catherine Zanelli-Daigneault
Resident Representative

Dr. Angela Park
Resident Representative

Marijke Cowick
Francophone Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Alex Sinha
Anglophone Undergraduate Program Coordinator


For more information on undergraduate psychiatry, please contact:


Alex Sinha
Undergraduate Education Coordinator
Undergraduate Education Program
Department of Psychiatry
Room 5458 - 1145 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 7K4
613-722-6521 ext. 6811

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