Psychiatry as a Career

Psychiatry is an extremely rewarding specialty, which gives you an opportunity to help individuals find hope and meaning in their lives. All medical students are taught the biopsychosocial (and now biopsychosocialspiritual) model of medicine, but psychiatry is one of the few specialties where one really has an opportunity to deal with all those aspects with our patients.

As a psychiatrist, you need to be patient, kind, compassionate, and accepting no matter what types of problems your patients may bring to you. Patients with mental illnesses do get better and many people do not realize that there are effective treatments for most major psychiatric illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders and psychoses.

As a psychiatrist, you will be a highly sought after professional, and will have the ability to very much go wherever you want to go, without the same barriers to practice that other specialties may face. Should you consider one of the subspecialties such as child and youth, geriatrics or forensic psychiatry, your services will be even more highly in demand. Consider a career in Psychiatry.

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