Chair's Monthly Message: March 2020

Posted on Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Hello Everyone:

  • I attended the uOttawa Town Hall on 27/02 and it was a moving experience.  The students remain upset because they have not yet received the promised response from the administration to the Church of Scientology exhibit.  But their concerns about insufficient care for mental health problems and an environment that does not facilitate mental health run much deeper than the exhibit. I publicly spoke about our support for the students and to our commitment to helping the university administration (including at the Faculty of Medicine) improve the situation. The Task Force is being organized. We will be part of it and there are more events planned.  My office will keep you posted on the progress.
  • The CaRMS Match this year had an outstanding outcome for Psychiatry:  100% match on the first round! Dr. Talbot, Debbie Hall, and the resident leadership have done an amazing job of making our training program not only functional, but exceptional.  Please join me in congratulating everyone on the success!
  • The February MHM ran several articles that were not the right ones. To correct this problem, we will be running a few supplements in the next couple of months entitled “5 Questions With….” a new series by Dr. Puddester.  Each article asks a faculty member to respond to 5 key questions about their experience in some aspect of working in the Department of Psychiatry.


Have a good week!


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