Message from the Chair: UGME Training, COVID-19

Posted on Monday, June 15, 2020

Hi Everyone:

It is wonderful that we finally have nice weather, although summer seems to have jumped right over spring this year.  This message contains your update about all the COVID-19-related work that Dr. Bazaid and his team have been doing in UGME. 

The Student Affairs Office will be offering a weekly virtual group support session with Dr Kay-Anne Haykal and the SAO counsellors for all medical students. This is an optional drop-in session to discuss any general concerns during this pandemic with the SAO. Counselling and psychotherapy will not be provided during those sessions although students can continue to book their individual counselling sessions with the counsellors. The link to those sessions will be provided shortly on the SAO Facebook page as well as through the SAO student advisors and the Aesculapian society.
1st/2nd year electives are cancelled until further notice. For more information on Pre-Clerkship please visit the faculty website:
All year 3 clinical duties cancelled as of Monday March 16, 2020
The faculty is rolling out a 2 PHASE CURRICULUM for the remaining clerks in the 2019-2020 academic year:
PHASE 1 is an online curriculum delivered twice during the months of May and June. Phase 1 for Psychiatry will run May 19-29 and June 15-26. Phase 1 will be spread out over 10 days as the faculty has advised only 3 hours per day of online learning.  There are many online resources being used to supplement the academic lectures. The UGME committee elected to keep both language streams together as most new material will likely be in English. The Francophone students will still have access to Francophone lecture slides.
The curriculum will include all bootcamp lectures, taught virtually using Microsoft Teams as the online platform. Lecturers are encouraged to include case presentations to encourage discussion and student interaction. At the end of the first week, Francophone Clerkship Director Dr. Melissa Palardy, will host a check in/Q&A session for students. At the end of the second week, both Clerkship Directors, Drs. Dhiraj Aggarwal and Melissa Palardy, will host a final review/Q&A session.
Throughout the 2-week curriculum, students will use the MS Teams chat platform to ask questions, share information and hold discussions. UGME Resident Representatives Drs. Kyle Arsenault-Mehta and Gordon Yung will monitor the chats and answer questions.
PHASE 2 has a current start date of July 6th. When students will return to clinic, they will have a compressed psychiatry rotation of 4 weeks. The UGME committee decided that students will spend the 4 weeks in adult psychiatry, meeting their geriatric and child objectives through online learning. In light of the current situation, it may be best to keep students to one site.
Call will still be a part of the rotation. However, it will be cut down to 3 or 4 shifts per student.
RURAL ROTATIONS (rural networks ERMEP and ROMP) and CNFS:
MD2021 - We are currently working with our partners to find rural rotations for students who still need to complete these rotations. Once we know the dates of these rotations, we will notify students of the next steps to follow. Please do not contact the rural networks or CNFS at this time.
Exams will follow each block (two groups), but they will now be closer together (6 or 8 weeks apart).  
Queen’s University decided on June 8 as date of return to clinical studies. This is because there is no documented community transmission of COVID-19 and there are very few cases in Kingston. All other Ontario schools are still planning on July 6 return date. Agreement is continuing nationally to not accept visiting electives until further notice. This decision is reviewed weekly.
Interviews will be in a virtual format including those for local candidates.
Last Day of the Application Period: February 7, 2021
File Review Period: February 8 to March 5, 2021
Virtual Interview Period: March 8 to March 28, 2021
Second Iteration Match Day being no later than: May 18, 2021
All MD2021 students are asked to postpone all Year 4 electives planning until further notice, including electives here in Ottawa.
MCCQE Part 1 Exam new start date of June 1st 2020.
MCCQE Part 1 (CMDQs and MCQs) practice tests to be distributed to students. We are waiting
on date confirmation of desired release date from student representatives.
Central campus to confirm the date of our virtual convocation by Friday May 8.
The graduation ceremony will be postponed until further notice.
Visiting electives: cancelled for medical students until September 2020
The portal was closed to all students on Friday, March 20 at 3 p.m.
All international electives: cancelled
All interest group activities are cancelled (SEAD, OPEP, REACT and IMED that will be reviewed at the end of April)

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